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Production and technology options

Material is prepared with a blasting system using steel shot with the profile of 3,000 x 500 mm or with blasting sand and surface metallization on an external covered area.

A punch press is used for the cutting of material (maximum sheet size: 5 x 1,000 x 2,000 mm, maximum template diameter: 1,100 mm, diameter of the punched holes: 5–30 mm). Other possible operations include metal sheet cutting, use of band saws, flame cutting of metal sheets using ESAB CNC or the flame cutting of dished bottoms.

Machining operations include vertical turning, for diameters up to 2,400 mm or turning (spindle diameter 40, turning length: 750 mm; spindle diameter: 48, turning length: 1,500 mm; spindle diameter: 56, turning length: 1,500 mm; spindle diameter: 72, turning length: 3,000 mm; spindle diameter: 70, turning length: 5,000 mm). It is also possible to use a vertical machining centre (positioning table diameter 800, lifting height 400 mm), horizontal boring mills, coordinate drilling machine VSPQ 63 CNC 1,800 x 11,500 mm, sheet metal planning for lengths up to 11,000 mm and Wisab drilling for diameters of up to 150 mm or drilling for diameters of up to 89 mm. There is a milling workbench with the dimensions of 270 x 640, 315 x 1,600 – 425 x 2,000 (width x length) and a hobbing cutter for the production of gears.